What are these mantras?

A mantra is truth you repeat to yourself, over and over again.

I have been told that my mantras are concise, clear, and insightful. Certainly that’s how I try to make them. Compressed knowledge that is easy to understand, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Each mantra can be summed up in one sentence (that’s why it’s a mantra). If you only ever read that one sentence in the subject line, I hope you will still find it useful. The rest of the email should not take more than 45 seconds to get through. It is written in point form to be extremely skimmable. Every mantra knows that your time is valuable.

My mantras tend to focus on thinking, investing, business strategy, technology, markets, and other things.

Why subscribe?

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About 80% of my mantras will be for paid subscribers only. If you don’t subscribe, you’ll only see the free 20%.

And which mantras are made free will be randomly determined! Right before sending each mantra, I will boot up my random generator and draw a number from 1 to 5. I will only make the mantra free if a 5 is drawn.

Yes, that is how I will actually do it. I will only draw the number after the mantra is written and ready to be sent. It’s impossible to know in advance which mantras will be free, but the Law of Large Numbers guarantees that the proportion will approach 20%.

Ask me questions / Mentorship

Part of the reason I’m sharing my mantras is to test a mentorship model. (I think mentorship can be improved with software, and I’m trying to test various ways to do that.) As such, I guarantee prompt and/or thoughtful answers to questions from my subscribers, whether asked publicly or privately. You can email me directly by replying to a mantra right in your inbox.