The only thing that matters is product-market fit

Resistance is trying to stop you

Feelings are friends. Act on values.

The menu is not the meal

Do what you should, not what you can

Put faith in your circle of competence

Generalization is better than specialization

When you see it, bet big

Passivity attracts manipulation. Aggression is fear. Passive aggression is avoidance of responsibility.

Do your own research. Conduct your own experiments.

Calibrate your confidence and correctly anticipate your regret

Stare the imposter straight in the face

The best companies have a purpose

Always be the underdog

AI moats are equally data and product

There is always invisible correlation

The market will be fulfilled

Asset returns are positively skewed

Success needs failure

Zen is the rejection of meta analysis


I share and expand on a selection of my mantras. No subject is off limits, but I mostly focus on thinking, investing, business strategy, technology, startups, markets, and other things.